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Who is Beth Timp?

Beth Timp is an engaging 30-year-old who wears a beautiful smile, has a strong will, a sweet sense of humor and a determination matched by few in life. Beth is part of the natural history study conducted at the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center, under the direction of Dr. Alan Percy. She shares life with mom and dad in Braeland Meadows in Bristol Virginia. When her parents are off working, she spends quality time with caretaker Cindy Young. Today she is as happy and expressive as she has ever been. Her engaging eye contact has never been more direct and meaningful. In fact, she just received her Tobii eye gaze system, which allows her to determine what she wants to do each day! It's a powerful tool, allowing her to express herself!

At the top of her favorites list are Girls Night Out with Mom and Grandma, FOOD-FOOD-FOOD, special days with caretaker and friend Cindy Young, trips to Blacksburg to see the Virginia Tech Hokies play football and basketball, time with sister Katie when she's home from NYC and brother Joseph when he's home from East Tennessee State University, family, social outings with friends who believe in her, music on her new pink iPod, engaging books and country music! Check Beth out on Facebook!

Beth was born with multiple disabilities that denied her independence. On her 14th birthday, her disabilities were matched with a name, Rett syndrome, a neuromuscular disorder that results in regression in young girls. Beth requires assistance with most tasks and is non-verbal. She communicates primarily through eye-gaze. She fights through a seizure disorder and has had surgery to correct scoliosis, a severe curvature of the spine. She walks with assistance but gets help on longer treks with her lightweight wheelchair.


Shannon's Testimonial - What Beth Means to Me

As I began my journey with Beth, I was instantly intrigued by her spirit and beautiful smile. She made me feel alive and I wanted to share everything I could with her. As time has evolved, I have grown to love this wonderful and enchanting young lady, and I feel like I am more than just her caregiver. I feel like a part of her family.

I want her to experience all that I can offer her and I am more determined every day to make sure that each day she feels loved and safe. I told her once that she is the only person who sees me for who I truly am and she still gives me that beautiful smile of hers every morning when I walk into her bedroom and say, “Good morning” to her. That is the most wonderful feeling that anyone could ever have…to be loved unconditionally by someone.

Beth has made me grow as a person, as a friend and as a caregiver. Without her I would not be the person that I am today. She is a very special young woman who has so much love inside her, and this foundation is one way that she can contribute to her fellow man as she continues her walk through life. She is a gift from God, and her life is making a difference in the lives of many children less fortunate than herself.

Thank you, Beth, for your warmth and caring and may you continue to enrich the lives of your family and friends and the children you are helping with your foundation. With deepest gratitude and love, Shannon

Beth's Six Unspoken Principles
Expect the Unexpected

Accept Change and Grow with Change

Look for Value in Everyone

Listen to the Voice Inside Everyone

Never Limit Your Dreams

Know that Hope is Eternal


The Beth Foundation, 17111 County Cork Lane, Bristol, Virginia 24202.